The Center for Wildlife, Cape Neddick, ME. - (Leah Rosenthal)

Leah Rosenthal

Leah - "I had one of the best summers of my life as an intern, and I would recommend anyone to take part in an internship at The Center for Wildlife, no matter their previous experience level."

Leah did her internship at The Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine.  The Center for Wildlife is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to rehabilitate sick and injured wild animals, and to promote respect for wildlife and the environment.  They provide a full range of treatment services needed to rehabilitate birds, mammals and reptiles, assist the public with issues related to wildlife; and provide educational and outreach programs to promote knowledge and appreciation of wild animals and their habitats.

Leah's goal was to gain insight into how a non-profit wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization operates.

Leah's responsibilities for this internship included food preparation and feeding, medication administration, cage cleaning and maintenance, habitat construction, monitoring animal health, administrative work, and taking part in education programs for the public.

"During my summer at The Center for Wildlife, I was constantly challenged to learn new skills and work with different species of wildlife in order to gain experience, knowledge and comfort with wildlife."

"Although I only had a few months at The Center for Wildlife, I feel like the knowledge and experience I gained is beyond that which is gained in a yearlong course."

"I came out of this internship knowing that I really do have a genuine interest in working with wildlife as well as a newly found motivation for conservation of native and endangered species."

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