Veterinary Specialty Hospital, San Juan, Puerto Rico - (Angel Ramos)
Angel Ramos
Angel taking blood samples

Veterinary Specialty Hospital is a small animal surgical hospital located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Angel's goal was to work as a veterinary assistant in a clinic to gain knowledge in the veterinary field. He also wanted to determine if veterinary medicine was still the area he was interested in pursuing.  After having the exciting opportunity to work with one of only two veterinary surgeons in Puerto Rico, he is planning on attending veterinary school.

His responsibilities included animal restraint, assisting with x-rays, blood pressure readings, processing urine samples, "trimming" for sonograms, assisting in surgeries, and kennel maintenance.

This experience was so incredible because I was actually the ONLY one helping the doctor (in the operating room). I remember her saying to me 'hold this,' 'pull that,' 'hold it right there,' and 'give me this or that'.  During the surgery, I didn't only have fun but also learned quite a bit."

It was a life determining experience since I now know that being a veterinarian is what I really want to do with my life. As long as I can remember, an animal doctor is what I've always wanted to be, and now by going through this 'test' I will hopefully become a veterinarian after graduating from college."