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Location:  Wisconsin

Genex Cooperative, Inc. provides artificial insemination products and services throughout the world. Their internship program provides college students an enhanced work experience, gaining "real-world" hands-on work experience, as well as exposing students to the many aspects of a MOET (multiple ovulation and embryo transfer) facility.

Genex interns have an opportunity to:

In order to qualify for the Genex Genesis intern program, applicants must be currently enrolled as a full-time student, at least a sophomore status, at a four-year institution.  All applicants must earn credit toward their degree if accepted for the internship, and must be an Animal or Dairy Science major. Students must have at least one course pertaining to reproductive physiology, have hands-on cattle experience, and must be willing to work with both beef and dairy cattle.

Three internship positions are available: spring semester (Jan 1 through May 15); summer semester (May 15 through Aug 15) and fall semester (Aug 15 through Dec 15). The salary for MOET interns is $1,200 per month with housing provided (transportation to and from the intern house must be provided by the intern).

Interested students are asked to fill out an online application at and click on the GENESIS Internship listing. All applicants are welcome to send their resume, cover letter and official college transcripts:

Michael Fehlhaber
CRI Recruitment & REACH Manager
Cooperative Resources International
P.O. Box 469
Shawano, WI.  54166
Phone:  715-526-7740
Fax: 715-526-4511

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