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Alltech is a world leader in animal nutrition and health research. They develop and manufacture innovative, natural feed supplements to improve animal performance, the feed industry and the farmer's bottom line.

Research Internships

What is the Undergraduate Internship?

Their undergraduate research internship program gives you a golden opportunity to spend time working on a research project in an industrial research laboratory at one of Alltech's three Bioscience Centers.  The research you will carry out may be either an independent project or in conjunction with a university learning program.

In what areas can I work?
Self-designed Internships
If you are a UVM ASCI major, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, are self-motivated, can work well independently, and have a strong interest in the animal feed industry, you should consider an Alltech research internship.


Internship information:
This internship is also listed under the following headings: Biological Sciences