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Location:  various locations in California

The Hilmar Dairy Internship program is focused on developing the necessary skills to become a herdsman or dairy manager of a large-scale Jersey dairy operation. Interns get to work in the day-to-day operations of one of several large-scale dairies in California. Participating dairies range from a 500 cow Jersey dairy to large-scale dairies milking more than 1000 Jersey cows. In addition to the basic cow and dairy operation skills, program participants will have the opportunity to learn more about employee relations and large-herd management.

The Hilmar Dairy Internship differs from other dairy internships because there are many dairies hosting interns at the same time. Classes are offered for the interns, interns visit the other farms and interns will have the opportunity to learn from each others' experiences at the various farms.

Interns will gain a deeper understanding about managing a west coast style dairy, develop important hands-on cow skills, and create a network of contacts in which interns can build their career.

Dates:  June 1 through August 15

Program Requirements/Eligibility. To be eligible to participate, each applicant must:

Applications for the following summer are generally due by November. For more information about this internship visit www.dairyintern.com.

e-mail:  info@dairyintern.com

Website:  www.dairyintern.com
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