Tumbling River Ranch imageTumbling River Ranch

Location:  Grant, Colorado

Want to work out west? Tumbling River Ranch is a beautiful dude ranch in the Colorado Rockies and they are looking for summer wranglers to help with their herd of 90+ horses. They hire individuals to lead horse adventures each day along with giving riding lessons to riders of varying abilities. They are looking for individuals with an equestrian background, and the ability to give riding lessons. This job requires individuals with physical stamina and strength, capable of working long days. Room/board and monthly salary included.

You must be hard working, of good moral character and have a desire to serve people.

Tumbling River Ranch
PO Box 30
Grant, CO  80448

Phone:  800-654-8770
e-mail:  info@tumblingriver.com

Website:  www.tumblingriver.com
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