Hagyard Equine Medical InstituteHagyard Equine Medical Institute

Location:  Lexington, Kentucky

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute has three undergraduate opportunities designed to provide a learning environment in which undergraduate students can expand their general knowledge of equine veterinary medicine.

Colorado State University Undergraduate Internship Opportunities
Medicine Veterinary Assistant Internship
Ambulatory Veterinary Assistant Internship
Hagyard Veterinary Technician Assistant Internship

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute
4250 Iron Works Pike
Lexington, KY  40511-8412

Phone:  859-255-8741
Fax: 859-252-8961

Website:  http://hagyard.com/Undergraduate-Opportunities.html
Internship information:  http://hagyard.com/Internships.html
This internship is also listed under the following headings: Veterinary Medicine