Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc.Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc.

Location:  Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc., is a non-profit organization that utilizes equine-related activities for the therapy of individuals with physical, developmental, and emotional differences. They offer both Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding that teaches specific riding skills.

Hippotherapy is a practice in which physical speech, and occupational therapists employ the horse's movement as a treatment tool to improve neuromuscular function, language and fine motor skills.  Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. offers Hippotherapy and therapeutic riding to physically, mentally, and emotionally-challenged persons from throughout RI and Southeastern MA.

Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc.
55 Summer Street
Rehoboth, MA  02769

Phone:  508-252-5814
Fax:  508-252-5814

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