Image of the barn at Frog's Leap Farm

Frog's Leap Farm

Location:  Milton, Vermont.

A note from the owner:  "Frogs Leap Farm is a small farm, specializing in importing young Danish horses for resale.  Frog's Leap is looking for someone who would like the opportunity to ride 2-4 horses each day and take care of evening chores.  This includes bringing horses in and feeding, changing blankets and that sort of thing.  The person would be responsible for some cleaning duties, mostly pastures.  We would like to work with someone with advanced beginner to intermediate riding skills.  Dressage is preferred, but jumping experience would be acceptable.

We can offer the intern several things.  The opportunity to ride high quality horses, and the possibility of showing them, along with some daily riding of green and trained dressage horses, as well as the handling of foals.  They would learn pasture management, as well as barn and horse management skills for a small operation.  They will also have the opporunity to learn about the importation process.

We are interested in giving a student the opportunity to learn as many skills as they would wish in the management end of farming.  The student will most likely already know how to clean stalls, and therefore would like to make that type of work a small part of what they do.  We cannot offer housing for the intern, but board for one horse is a possibility.  A very small salary is negotiable."

Frog's Leap Farm
216 Sanderson Road
Mlton, VT.  05468
(802) 893-7609

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