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Location:  Sarasota, Florida

Every summer Mote Marine Laboratory (MML) will host a 10-week, National Science Foundation-funded program focused on providing research experiences in estuarine science to 10 advanced undergraduate students. Students will be paired with MML scientists and conduct research on major threats to estuaries such as aquatic pollution, natural toxins, habitat alteration, and coral reef declline. Students will gain experience in science communication by presenting the results of their independent project in a manuscript-style research paper and orally at a laboratory-wide research symposium. Students will also attend research seminars, discusssion groups on career skills in science, and field trips to local marine science research and education center.

To be eligible for participation in the REU program, students must be:

In addition to these requirements, applicants should: Students from minority groups underrepresented in science (African Americans, Latinos and Hispancis, Native Americans, native Pacific Islanders, and Alaska Natives) are encourage to apply.

Students participating in the REU program will receive:
Students interested in applying to MML's REU program can acquire information on the application procedure from the program website ( or from Dr. Jim Gelsleichter via email ( The deadline for applications if February 15, 2005.

MML is an independent, nonprofit organization with a ~50-year history in marine science research and education. MML is located in Sarasota, Florida, on a 12-acre campus overlooking Sarasota Bay, with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. For additional information about MML, visit

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REU Program
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Internship information:
This internship is listed under the following headings:  Biological Sciences and Zoos, Aquaria and Marine Mammals