Refuge for Saving the WildlifeRefuge for Saving the Wildlife

Location:  Northbrook, Illinois

Refuge for Saving the Wildlife is a not-for-profit parrot rescue, rehabilitation, education, and adoption, no-kill shelter facility. They are accredited by the Association of Avian Rescue Organizations (AARO), certified by the Model Aviculture Program (MAP), licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Welfare. They are also a member of the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators.

Their mission, first and foremost, is to work together with other parrot groups to eliminate the need for rescues. Until then, they will:

Refuge for Saving the Wildlife
3149 Dundee Road, Suite #229
Northbrook, IL.  60062-2404

Contact:  Richard Weiner

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Testimonial:  Jessica Katz
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