Image of LeopardExotic Feline Breeding Compound, Inc.
Feline Conservation Center

Location:  Rosamond, California

Internship/externship programs are available at EFBC.  The program will give you first hand experience in:

  1. Cleaning cages.
  2. Behavioral observation and completion of health charts.
  3. Dietary preparation which includes why each species' diet is adjusted accordingly.
  4. Observation and assisting in medical procedures if situation warranted.
  5. Educational aspects via giving tours to public including possible off-site lectures.
  6. Hand raising of babies if circumstances permit.
  7. Paperwork required (such as permits for import and export, ISIS tracking, MedArk recording, USDA inspections, Federal and State regulations.)
  8. Office procedures.  If you are interested in the business end of a breeding facility you are welcome to spend time in the office to observe all the redundant paperwork necessary to operate a facility such as this, as well as budgets, etc.
Two Fishing CatsWorking hands on with the variety of species they have (approximately 15) you will obtain knowledge on species' behaviors, gestation, breeding, etc.  Each species is unique in itself.

EFBC is a non-profit organization and they do not have housing facilities on the premises, nor are they able to offer any financial compensation during your internship.  Housing and expenses would be your responsibility.  If you think you may be interested in spending some time with them, let them know if you would like the name of some other students who may be coming, as others have expressed an interest in finding roommates to share expenses.

Exotic Feline Breeding Compound, Inc.
Feline Conservation Center
HCR 1, Box 84
Rosamond, CA.  93560-9705

Phone:  805-256-3793
Fax:  805-256-6867

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Mother leopard with her baby cub.