Tambotie Wildlife Rehabilitation CenterAfrican Conservation Experience

Location:  South Africa

African Conservation Experience has been sending volunteers to Africa for over a decade. They offer students the opportunity to work on game and natural reserves alongside Conservationists, Zoologists, Wildlife Veterinarians and Reserve Managers. They welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and countries with no previous experience necessary. Volunteer placements are from 1-3 months, and you can combine 2 or more projects in one trip. Apply online at www.conservationafrica.net/apply/

African Conservation Experience
Unit 1, Manor Farm
Churchend Lane
GL12 8LJ

Phone:  0845 5200 888

Website:  www.conservationafrica.net
Internship information: 
Testimonial:  Zaya McSky, Olivia Powell, Courtney Glotzer, Mia Cosentino
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