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One-year Internships

Location:  San Francisco, California

The San Francisco Zoo's Intern Program offers a hands-on working experience to individuals with a career interest in a zoological field.  The objective of the Zoo's internship program is to provide practical, on-the-job experience; provide exposure to zoo operations and zoo careers; and demonstrate the unique advantages of zoo internships as a supplement to more conventional learning programs.  The goal of interns accepted into this program is to learn and successfully perform (under supervision) the duties and responsibilities of an employee in the assigned department.  Full-time zoo employees supervise interns.  All internshps are paid a weekly stipend, in addition, medical benefits and a one-week paid vaction.

Apply to the Human Resources Department at the address listed below and include the following:

  1. A letter from the applicant detailing what he/she hopes to gain from the program and how the internship relates to past experience, plans, and career goals.
  2. A resume that includes employment history, both paid and volunteer.
  3. Two letters of recommendation from professionals, evaluating the applicant's aptitude, preparation, and suitability or the program.
San Francisco Zoo
Human Resources Department
Internship Application
1 Zoo Road
San Francisco, CA.  94132-1098

Phone:  415-753-7080

Internship information:
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