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white Mustangs, A Living Legacy - (Bethani White)

"My experience was different than what one thinks of as a traditional internship; during the summer of 2001 I traveled to California and took a field experience course through the University of California at Davis. I spent four days camping out in the Eastern Sierra Mountains riding around on horseback to observe the behavior of the wild horse herds that live in the area. I found myself frustrated with the lack of variety in UVM's Equine department and through this course I was able to meet several of my personal goals. I was able to observe first hand many of the behaviors of wild herd animals, I learned a lot about area ecology and the predator prey relationship that the Montgomery Pass Horse Herd has with the California mountain lions. I also was able to experience a side of the West that many never will; from the moment we got on our horses and rode out to the campsite we were completely in the wild. Some of the paths that we rode on were originally wagon routes to the coast but most of the time we broke our own trail it was truly an amazing experience. At night during and after dinner there were informal lectures and discussions about various issues concerning the horses, land management, etc. UC Davis offers this course and several others such as Mountain Horsemanship: Equine wilderness first aid and stream ecology as it relates to fly-fishing. For more information about any course offering the website is: Then click on explorations to see what is offered. Also you can find out more about the mustang trip that I took from the pack station's website: I should also mention that while I was in California I was offered a job and made a good contact for a grad. school recommendation."

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