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selleck Wildlife Center of Virginia - (Sarina Selleck)

"The Wildlife Center of Virginia provided me with valuable experience with a variety of species of native animals. I was not only able to learn about the care and keeping of raptors, reptiles, amphibians, songbirds, and small mammals, but I was also able to learn about restraining them for veterinary procedures and about treating them for common injuries and ailments. The veterinary staff was more than willing to allow me to assist with, and even perform, treatments for patients. A majority of the preceptorship is pent with the rehabilitation staff, where you learn how to hand rear orphaned animals and prepare all animals for release. I highly suggest this preceptorship for students contemplating a career in wildlife veterinary medicine or wildlife conservation/rehabilitation. I should note that the focus is not veterinary medicine, but rather animal rehabilitation and release. If you are looking to gain veterinary experience, be prepared to seek it out, as the opportunities are there, but are not part of the curriculum."

Wildlife Center of Virginia Internship Information

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