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rankin Alaska Heli-Mush - (Elizabeth Rankin)

Elizabeth Rankin"A summer spent on the middle branch of the Norris Glacier in Juneau, Alaska has really opened my eyes further into the sport and business of dog mushing. Upon arrival in Alaska I quickly discovered that I was going to be learning a lot more about the sport than just the husbandry of the dogs and how to use a sled. I worked with many accomplished mushers, each with their own view of the sport and the care of their dogs. There are about 200 dogs that live on the glacier, and about 10 are puppies or pets. The working dogs are first priority, always. The dogs take precedence over people, they get fed first and cared for first; they are the reason for company success and need to have the highest quality of care from everyone that works with them."

Alaska Heli-Mush Internship Information

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