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Little Image of a cheetah cub. Cheetah Conservation Fund (Erin Ramsay)

Location:  Otjiworongo, Namibia

Erin Ramsay was an Animal Science major who spent fall semester of her junior year off the beaten pathway.......

"I had an extraordinary opportunity to study at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Orjiworongo, Namibia.  Spending the semester on the Southwest coast of Africa changed more than just my skin's pigment; it also changed my outlook on education, zoology, conservation and myself.

Assisting a sick cheetah. The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is a nonprofit, non-governmental association dedicated to the long-term survival of the cheetah and its ecosystem.  Along with eight students, I was involved in caring for the health of ten cheetahs and one leopard that were rehabilitating or awaiting placements.  Releasing tagged cheetahs, conducting aerial counts, tracking wildlife populations, doing taste aversion trials, and educating both the adult and student population about the cheetah were also part of our responsibilities.  We were extremely lucky to have knowledgeable professionals as instructors and resources.  Summing up my daily life last semester in a few long sentences does not do justice to the sight of a male cheetah fighting his brothers for the head of a gazelle, or monitoring the recovery of a female cheetah that was held captive by a couple that thought it would be nice to have her as a pet.

Two cheetahs at play. I truly appreciate my experiences in Namibia, and I encourage anyone who is interested in a study abroad program to take advantage of all of the opportunities available.."

"Owapenduga Nowa"  -Erin Ramsay

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