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king The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore (formerly known as Baltimore Zoo) - (Lindsey King)

Location:  Baltimore, Maryland.

"There is only one word to describe my summer experience: amazing. I could not have asked for to day I learned a lot about each of the zoo's individual animals. My favorite part of the day was going out into the zoo around 10 o'clock when the zoo had just opened and visiting all the exhibits. I also always found time during the day to go out and talk with the guests about the animals. I would tell them some personal tidbits and help identify who was who.  It felt so great to have that knowledge and feel informed and be able to share it with others. This was truly a priceless experience for me. Even though it was not exactly what I was looking for when I applied, it really opened me up to another level that I may never have touched on unless The Baltimore Zoo gave me the chance."

"Overall I feel that I might have learned the most this summer from the kids. Since I had never worked with a group of teenagers, I wasn't really sure how to approach the whole idea of giving lessons and keeping them interested and involved. I just sort of jumped into it and presented things in a way that I would want to learn them. I found out from this experience that I truly loved working with teenagers. I also really learned a lot about teaching and effective ways to get through to a group. This experience really enriched me as a person and I feel that it has even enhanced my experience since I have been back at UVM.  I think about my summer experiences just about every day and count the days until I'll be able to return and not only make greater improvements in myself but also in a group of fresh teenagers who can't wait to start their journey to a dream of working with animals."

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