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Jamie Dutil Windridge Sports Camp -  Teela-Wooket (Jamie Dutil)

"To work in the horse program at Windridge, it is necessary that you are able to be part of a team. Everyone works together to take care of the horses and help the campers. You also must be willing to wake up pretty early for summer vacation - I was at Windridge and working by no later than seven in the morning. The internship would be most beneficial to those who already have a pretty good knowledge of horses and some experience. This way the most opportunities to learn and have fun are available to you. Also, with twenty-six horses, you must be able to identify horse body language so you will recognize a potentially dangerous situation, and also be able to learn something about each individual horse's personality. Another skill which you must have to work at Windridge is patience with the campers. Some of them don't speak English at all, and you must be able to communicate through body language and example the correct ways to handle a horse to the camper, so safety is not compromised. Some campers have never been around horses before and are frightened of them - you must be able to understand this fear while still encouraging them to learn and try new things."

Windridge Sports Camp Internship Information

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