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buffman Canine Connection of VT - (Amanda Buffman)

"Throughout this semester I have learned a lot, and not all about dogs either.  I have seen the amount of work that goes into running a business.  I attended some classes as well and learned that the dog classes are more about teaching the owners how to train the dogs than to actually train the dogs.  I also got an idea of the amount of work it takes to work with animals.  They are constantly on the go and you need to be also.  It doesn't work if you want to stop, you just can't afford to do that.  

I have also learned communication skills and personal skills.  I had to work with different employees doing different tasks.  I also had to make some phone calls so I was also working with the public.

I would recommend getting an internship at Canine Connection of Vermont to other students, especially if they are interested in canine behavior and training.  It is an invaluable experience that you cannot get anywhere else.  An internship, no matter where it is, is an invaluable experience that everyone should take part in."

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