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abraham Thesewoods Kennels - (Jillian Abraham)

"My internship with Ingrid Bower, owner of Thesewoods Kennels, has been nothing but beneficial to me personally and academically.  She is an extremely knowledgeable musher who has many years of experience behind her in breeding, sled dog racing, and showing dogs in competitions.  This internship, which requires me to travel to Underhill, VT. once or twice a week has kept my spirits high in the fact that I am in the best University and area for my passion of animals and the environment.  I look forward to keep learning from her and can not wait till I someday have my own dog team.  

At the beginning of this semester I knew I had fallen upon a rare opportunity that could not be ignored or even procrastinated.   I met Ingrid Bower, and began an internship with her, her two friends, and twenty-three beautiful Alaskan husky dogs.  I didn't know what to expect of the internship; how much I would learn, be responsible to do, or if I would form an enjoyable relationship with a person I had just met.  I didn't even know how I would actually manage to get forty-five minutes from campus once or twice a week when I don't own a car or have money to pay for gas.  However, the experience I've had with Ingrid, Karen, Joe, and all their dogs has been nothing but a wonderful learning experience that I feel comfortable always revisiting.  They each taught me more that I would ever learn in a one-semester class on campus, and it wasn't just about dogs.

Overall, I am ecstatic about the opportunity that I have had over this past semester and am so appreciative at the fact that I now have a place to visit anytime I want to, not only get out of the dorm, but Burlington altogether, and be in the mountains at an actual home that just happens to have a kennel in the backyard with beautiful sled dogs, four sheep in the front yard, two house dogs and four cats, and friendly, welcoming people."

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