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First, some details on our internship program.  This is the Reproductive Management System Internship, and is designed to provide training and experience in developing, implementing and managing a reproduction program for larger than average dairies in the Eastern United States.  The program has several training modules including an intensive 10 day program that will train you in insemination, palpation, semen handling, synchronization, and cattle handling and management skills.  You will also be exposed to principles in cow comfort, cow movement, facilities and information systems that you will need to use to be successful in the program.  After this training and extensive work along with a professional where you will gain hands-on experience, you will be allowed to manage programs in relief of full-time professionals.  This experience will allow you to work in herds ranging in size from 100-3000 head in a number of areas.  Depending on the particular position you are assigned, you may work in a single location for the summer, or you may work across several areas.  There are advantages to each, and we will tailor the program to fit your wants within our needs whenever possible.

The work is challenging and physical in nature.  You will need to be able to walk several miles per day every day on concrete, climb gates, sort cattle, inseminate cattle, and work with dairymen, herds people, and owners.  The learning curve is high from an information standpoint, but it is quite useful if you plan a career in the dairy industry.  Because of the nature of the training and this learning curve, those candidates that show a sincere interest in working in this industry long term will have an advantage in the process.  For those interested, there are opportunities for weekend and holiday work during the school year.  You may be offered this opportunity based on your work ethic and skill shown during the internship.  There are also scholarships available for those that would like to commit to a career with ABS upon graduation, again based on the skill, attitude and work ethic shown during the internship.


  • If you are interested in applying for an ABS RMS Internship, respond with the following information:
    1. Complete Resume in MS Word Document file format.
    2. Include a cover letter that explains your interest, and your unique qualifications for this position.  Also indicate why you feel you are the best candidate for the internship.
    3. Include a list of references including email if possible.
  • We will review the candidates that respond to scheduled interviews by January 31st.
  • After interviews, we will offer internships and hopefully have interns identified by March 15th.
  • The term of the internship will be May through September, depending upon the dates of your school's semesters.  We anticipate 10-12 weeks.
  • We will offer competitive compensation and will pay expenses and mileage or provide a vehicle to drive as needed.
If you are interested in this internship, please contact Fran Kinghorn.

ABS Global, Inc.
ATTN: Human Resources
1525 River Road
DeForest, WI 53532

Phone:    608-846-6434
Fax:         608-846-6442

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