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This section contains information that you should become familiar with. Policies, procedures, questions/answers, advice, etc. about setting up internships are found here. If, after reading this information, you have any further questions about internship opportunities please contact Fran Kinghorn, ASCI Internship Coordinator.  

Academic Credit & Grading

Every internship experience is different. Therefore, requirements for setting up and carrying out internships for credit will vary. For example, expectations and requirements for a local internship for several credits that is part of your semester's course schedule will be quite different from a full-time internship carried out at a location that is off campus, out-of-state, or in another country.

ASCI internships may earn from 1 to 15 credits. The number of credits assigned to a given internship will depend on:  

  • the number of hours involved
  • the nature and quality of the experience
  • the responsibilities involved
  • the type and quality of the learning that is likely to take place

A rule of thumb for local internships that involve substantially new experiences and learning is one credit per 3-4 hours/week (average) of internship-related work during a full semester.  As indicated above, this can vary depending on the nature of the internship. When all requirements and expectations have been agreed upon an Internship Agreement is drafted by Fran Kinghorn and signed by the parties involved.

The majority of internships are established with "S/U" grading (satisfactory/unsatisfactory). In some cases a letter grade may be possible, for example, when the internship is carried out as part of an established internship program through an organization with well developed grading procedures.

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