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1.   Do start early in thinking about and exploring internships and off-campus learning opportunities. Beginning in your first year start thinking about types of work and field experiences, training and skills that would be of value to you in your education.

  • Is there more than one internship that you'd like to build into your program?
  • Do you want an internship for a few credits? or more? (a full semester's worth?)
  • Do you want to 'go away' for an internship?...or will you stay at UVM?
  • Do you wish (or need) to be paid for the internship?
If you would like to talk to someone who can help you identify your needs and goals, contact and make an appointment with a faculty member, career counselor, or Fran Kinghorn, the ASCI Internship Coordinator.

2.    Do get in the habit of "networking". Some suggestions:  

  • Visit the UVM Career Services Office on campus and learn how to use their resources
  • Visit with the ASCI Internship Coordinator
  • Regulary visit and explore this ASCI Internship Webpage.
  • Surf the Web (click on the "Resources and Strategies" link in the main internship menu for useful internship websites)
  • Familiarize yourself with Internship and Career resources found in the UVM Library. (again, click on the "Resources and Strategies" link in the main internship menu)
  • Contact people and organizations for information. For example, if you are interested in wildlife rehabilitation find out what organizations there are locally and nationally that are involved with this... write to them, phone them, email them... ask for their suggestions about internship opportunities in the field (again, click on the "Resources and Strategies" link for suggestions on doing this).
  • Talk with family, friends, faculty, students.... anybody who might know of something or someone.  Let them know what you are looking for. That's networking!
3.    If you Do see something of interest (here or elsewhere), DON'T procrastinate! Chances are you are not the only person interested. Wrte a letter, send an email, pick up the phone...take a first step!

4.    If you have been seeking an internship opportunity but have not been successful, or if you would like more information about locating internships, or if you would just like to discuss general aspects of internships, Do make an appointment with Fran Kinghorn, the ASCI Internship Coordinator.

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