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There are tens of thousands of trade and professional associations and societies around the country and the world serving virtually every field and area of interest.  People, companies, institutions, and organizations actively involved in any field or industry are members of such associations.

Associations are great sources of information and contacts. For example, if you are interested in a pet food company internship (either in sales or research) there is the Pet Food Institute to which big and small companies belong. Contact with the association by phone or email could very well yield leads and ideas for finding openings with one or more of its members.  Also, many associations have websites that are extremely useful, with links to their members' websites -- and job listings. For example, here is the Pet Food Institute link.

If you'd like a "taste" of the variety of animal-related careers, check this page out:  Unusual Animal Careers

Indentifying and contacting associations in virtually any field is easy. Just browsing the resources below is an education in the vast number and variety of animal-related associations that exist.  Great sources of ideas for exploration and contacts.

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  1. click on 'Human Resources' links
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  3. click on "Contact the company". Send an email to the Human Resources or Personnel office requesting information about internships.

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