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Glen Highland Farm

Location:  Morris, New York (1 1/2 hours west of Albany)

Glen Highland Farm is looking for students to participate in all aspects of our Border
Collie rescue program, Sweet Border Collie Rescue.  Duties would include
care(feeding, grooming, bathing), socialization, and training of rescue
dogs, as well as providing unlimited and unconditional love and
companionship. Students would also have the opportunity to learn the nuts
and bolts of running a rescue operation.

The most important part of an internship at Glen Highland Farm is spending
quality time with the dogs.  Applicants must be truly excited about spending
time with Border Collies, and must be sensitive to the special nature of
these dogs.  Border Collies are dogs of amazing intelligence and
sensitivity.  They are among the most intelligent breed of dog, are capable
of complex problem solving, and can readily develop the most amazing skills
from agility to herding to flyball to pretty much anything somebody is
willing to teach them.  In addition, because Border Collies are amazingly
sensitive and thoughtful, Border Collies in rescue need special care and
attention because of the extreme hardships they have often suffered.

Note that summer interns may, if interested and depending on time and need,
be able to help support one of Glen Highland Farm's summer camps: Camp
Border Collie for Kids or Camp Border Collie for Friends.  Camp Border
Collie for Kids holds two week camp sessions for inner city children, and is
designed to foster and promote the positive principles of nonviolence
between children and their environment through the human/animal/nature
relationship.  Camp Border Collie for Friends holds one week camp sessions
for dog lovers to spend time with their pets and learn about agility
training, shepherding, and other dog activities.

Internship is non-paying.  Room and board provided.  Minimum time commitment
is one week.

Recommended reading:
"The Dog Whisperer: A Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training,"
Paul Owens
"A Dog Year," Jon Katz

For more information, contact:

Jeanne Blackmore
Advisory Board, Glen Highland Farm

Phone:  802-893-6501

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