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Alltech is a biotechnology company providing natural solutions for the feed, food, and alcohol industries.

Their website regarding Alltech's Feed Division states:
"Our core business at Alltech is to provide soltuions to the animal feed industry, with almost 80% of our sales arising from this key sector.  Over the last 20 years Alltech has been at the forefront of transforming this conservative industry into a dynamic business.  Together with our partners we have raised awareness of and provided the solutions for issues such as selenium deficiency. We believe that our success depends on the succss of the feed industry, that's why we make it our mission to promote our solutions industry wide.  Alltech works with some of the largest feed manufacturers in the world providing them with products that not only provide value finanically but that are natural and friendly to the animal, consumer and environment."

Research Internships

What is the Undergraduate Internship?

Their undergraduate research internship program gives you a golden opportunity to spend time working on a research project in an industrial research laboratory at one of Alltech's three Bioscience Centers.  The research you will carry out may be either an independent project or in conjunction with a university learning program.

In what areas can I work?
  • Enzyme production and applications
  • Industrial fermentation processes
  • Alcohol production
  • Development and application of direct-fed microbial products
  • Animal feed supplementation strategies
  • Animal nutrition
  • Animal health
  • Environmental odor and pathogen reduction
  • Neutralization of feed associates toxins
  • Immune system modulation
  • Process biochemistry, microbiology and engineering
For further information write to:

Internship Coordinator
North American Bioscience Center
3031 Catnip Hill Pike
Nicholasville, KY 40356

Phone:  859-885-9613

Internship information:
This internship is also listed under the following headings: Industry and Government

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