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Code of Conduct

I fully understand that it is a privilege, not a right, to be a participant in UVM Farm programs.  With this privilege come the basic responsibilities and expectations outlined below.  Any questions or issues related to this code of conduct will be resolved through the Executive Committee with the guidance of the equine faculty members.

1.  I agree to conduct myself in a professional, responsible and safe manner at all times when using UVM Farm facilities and participating in UVM Farm activities.

2.  I understand that as a University of Vermont and public facility, there is a high level of expectation for acceptable behavior.  Therefore, I agree to maintain a demeanor of courtesy and respect when interacting with my peers, UVM faculty and staff, and the public.

3.  I commit that I will follow the appropriate chain of command in a swift and professional manner if I have a question or problem related to, but not limited to, animal care or personnel issues.  For the Horse Cooperative, that chain begins with the Executive Committee and is followed by the Barn Faculty Advisor, Animal and Veterinary Sciences' Faculty, and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' Staff.

4. I realize that it is NEVER appropriate to utter or post disparaging verbiage or pictures on UVM Farm property.

5. I understand all participants deserve a comfortable barn environment, and I agree to refrain from behaviors that may make other participants uncomfortable (i.e. rudeness, screaming, belittling, blatant expressions of physical affection, and excess stereo volume).

6. I acknowledge that inappropriate behavior will be dealt with in an immediate manner.  There will be one written warning issued.  Following a second violation of the code of conduct, the person will be asked to leave the Horse Cooperative Program.  All decisions are made at the discretion of the Executive Committee and the equine faculty members.

I, ________________________________, have fully read and understand the UVM Code of Conduct.  I agree to comply with these rules and responsibilities.  I understand that if I choose to violate these basic expectations of professional behavior, I will receive a written warning for the first violation.  Any subsequent violations will result in the removal of my horse and myself from the program with minimal notice.


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