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Normal Daily Scenarios for Horse Barn Members

  1. All barn members are expected to clean their stalls, set up their horse's feed, and change their water every day.  If you do not ride, expect to spend about one hour a day here (not including horse watch or other responsibilities).  If you do ride, expect to spend about two to three hours at the barn.
  2.  In addition to regular chores, a barn member is responsible for three hours of horse watch every week. Horse watch hours are between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday. Chores include turning out and bringing in horses, cleaning the barn, providing water, and observing the horses. Members are also responsible for weekend duties, which include two four-hour horse watch shifts every semester and two one-hour turnout or bring-in shifts every semester.
  3. A member of the Horse Barn Executive Committee feeds every morning between 7 and 8am. Barn members on the 4pm horse watch hour will feed in the late afternoon. Feeders provide the horses with hay, grain and owner-requested supplements.
  4. Every night, two members come to the barn between the hours of 9 and 11pm to give the horses hay and fresh water. Each pair chooses a night of the week to do night check. This takes about a half hour.
  5. There are several barn events during the academic year, including Homecoming Weekend, Halloween Barn, and a Spring Events (March/April). These events are organized by barn members and are mandatory for all members. 


“A Day in the Life of a UVM Horse Barn Member”

I am a freshman at the University of Vermont, and I am an Animal and Veterinary Sciences student focusing on Pre-veterinary Medicine.  I am taking 18 credits right now during my second semester here.  These credits include general chemistry with a lab, pre-calculus, English, psychology 001, and my college's information technology course. I'm also registered for one credit of Horse Barn Cooperative. Oh did I mention that I have a horse in the barn? So as a pre-vet freshman, I have learned time management. Usually, I have to plan my time very wisely at the barn. I have planned my horse watch to be in one three-hour block so I only have it once a week, and I have a few days a week planned that I have time to ride. On days that I do not have a lot of time, I come to the barn, do my stall, clean my water buckets, and fill my grain buckets. I then make sure that all my chores are done for the day before I go in the tack room to get ready to go to class or back to the dorm. I usually chat for a minute or two with my friends, and then its off I go. When I get to ride, I try to do all my chores first so they are out of the way. If I am around at 4 p.m., I try to help out with bring in and feeding. I have to admit that it’s a huge time commitment to have my horse here, more so than I expected, but it is completely worth it. 

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