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Outstanding students interested in various aspects of animal science can pursue both the Master and PhD degrees within the Department. Students pursuing the PhD become members of the ANFS (Animal, Nutrition and Food Science) PhD graduate program and conduct their research under the guidance of an ASCI mentor. Students interested in obtaining a PhD in any area related to Animal Science can contact the graduate program coordinator, Dr. David Kerr

Graduate Students 2014

Animal and Veterinary Sciences Graduate Students
LtoR (front row): Laura Cersosimo, Mital Pandya, Rink Tacoma, Bonnie Cantrell, Robert Mugabi
(back row) Shun Kitaoka, Aimee Benjamin, Filiz Korkmaz, Melissa Bainbridge
(not pictured: Mac Campbell, Sue Ishaq, Yong Shao)

During their program of study, graduate students at UVM work closely with their faculty mentor and committee members who are often from other Departments. Typically a Masters degree candidate acquires skills in research design and conduct as well as methodologies relevant to their research project. Candidates for the PhD gain these skills as well as the ability to independently conduct, design and review their own research. Our students also undertake a variety of coursework during their program and are given the opportunity to gain valuable teaching skills that we feel are essential for all students in the sciences.

Sue IshaqA unique aspect of graduate study within the Department is the opportunity to be part of a research group focused on a variety of topics related to Lactation and Mammary Gland Biology. This research focus within the Department is an international strength that affords students the opportunity to specialize in scientific questions related to cell and developmental biology, animal and dairy science and nutrition, lactation, mastitis and breast cancer. Prospective students are encouraged to explore the research being pursued by faculty within the Department  and contact them with inquiries.

Graduate students enjoy access to a variety of excellent facilities across campus. Our nearby Miller research facility is used for studies involving livestock and complements other animal facilities on campus that are used to study models such as genetically-modified rodents. Several faculty within ASCI are members of the Vermont Cancer Center that provides students with access to state-of-the-art microscopy and genetic analysis facilities. Our relationship with the Miner Institute also provides the opportunity for students to explore additional research topics in dairy cattle nutrition and behavior. Did we mention that Burlington continually ranks as one of the most livable cities in the US?

Several mechanisms exist for the financial support of excellent candidates. Applications are typically reviewed on a rolling basis and can be submitted through the Graduate College at UVM. Students can either apply for admission to the Animal and Veterinary Sciences MS program or the ANFS PhD program. Please contact the graduate program coordinator, Dr. David Kerr with any questions you might have.

ASCI Graduate Students - 2014
Animal Science Graduate Students and UVM's Catamount
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