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Statutes for Horsemen


Agricultural Protection Acts
Brand Laws
Cruelty to Animals Acts
Equine Activity Statutes
Equine Infectious Anemia
Helmet Laws
Liens for Care of Horses
Liens for Service to Horses
Livestock Laws
Recreational Use Statutes
Riding on Public Roads
Quarantine & Health Laws

This area consists of statutes enacted by legislatures, regulations passed by administrative agencies, and ordinances enacted by local units of government that deal with horses, horse people, the horse industry, and horse accidents.

Statutes and/or regulations have been found for almost all states in each of the 12 topics covered by this area.  If you know of a statute or regulation that we should have but don't, please contact us so we can include it.

The statutes and other documents in this area are reviewed each two years and changed as needed.  Therefore, you should not rely upon them being current without assuring yourself they have not been amended or repealed after they were posted on this site.

You should not rely on these documents in planning your equine business or other activities, but should consult an attorney knowledgeable in equine law in your state.



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