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Dairy Club Participates in 2008 4H Dairy Challenge

The 2008 4H Dairy Challenge was held at UVM on Sunday, November 2nd. The UVM Dairy Club volunteered to set up a station and lesson on dairy cow nutrition and digestion.  They taught kids ages 8-18 years of age.  Click on image for larger view.

Andy Birch teaching bovine digestive anatomy.
Andy Birch teaching 4H'ers about bovine digestive anatomy.

4H students learning about feeds
4H members learning how to shake down TMR and look at particle sizes of feeds.

Eila Susskind discussing a dairy cow's diet.

Eila Susskind teaching 4H'ers about the importance of fiber in the dairy cow's diet.

Eila states, "
The Dairy Challenge was geared toward young 4H members. There were different groups representing various ages. The youngest were 8-9 years old and there were 10-12, 13-15, 16-18 year-old age groups too. At first it was kind of scary to teach 18 year olds - I didn't know how much they would know and I was worried they would know more than me! But it ended up being fine and even the older kids were asking questions and getting involved. Those who volunteered from the dairy club were Andy Birch, Joey Wagner, Kayla Clark, Julie Swenson and myself. "

Congratulations to the Dairy Club, their station was rated the most interesting and fun exihibit by the students who attended.

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