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1) Agricultural animals benefit man in which of the following ways?
Food production
By-products such as wax, soap, ink, glue, etc.
Drugs for humans and pets
All of the above

2) Research utilizing agricultural animals may...
Focus on improving the quality of animal products
Serve as a model for human health problems
Focus on animal welfare issues
All of the above

3) UVM is a voluntary member of which private, non-profit organization, that promotes going an "extra step" to achieve excellence in animal care.

4) An Animal Care and Use Protocol document, submitted to the IACUC by a faculty who intends to use live animals for either research or teaching purposes, must include the following:?
Justification for use of the animals"
An explanation of all animal procedures, indicating what the animals will experience
Provision for appropriate housing and care of the animals
All of the above

5) Animal models for research and teaching can only be used...
When non-animal alternatives are not adequate to achieve the objectives
When the number of animals used is kept to a minimum
A and B
A or B

6) The Health Research Act of 1985 mandated that all publicly funded animal research be approved by...
The University President
The University Veterinarian
The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
The professors who do the research

7) What is the IACUC responsible for?
It reviews all use of animals in both research and teaching activities.
It inspects all campus animal facilities every 6 months.
It investigates all animal welfare concerns.
All of the above.

8) What are the three "R"s of minimal animal use for research and teaching?
Reduction, redemption, and redundancy.
Refinement, resettlement, and retention.
Replacement, recylce, and refinement.
Replacement, refinement, and reduction.

9) Who enforces the laws, regulations and policies of the Animal Welfare Act?

10) The "Ag Guide" says that an animal's environment should be managed to minimize...
Illness or injury
Behavioral problems
All of the above