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A.   Getting settled in:....... Written by Students for Students

Okay, you have accepted the offer to be a graduate student in the Department of Animal & Veterinary Sciences, now there are a few details you need to take care of as you begin your studies.  There are two resource people to help you get settled in. In the Department, Jane O'Neil will help you with your paper work to activate your funding and get you on your way.  Jane can be found in the Department of Animal & Veterinary Sciences main office, 102A Terrill Hall at (802) 656-0136.  Additional questions about graduate school can be answered by staff members in the Graduate College Office, 330 Waterman, (802) 656-3160. Once you are on campus, only the last 5 digits of the telephone number need to be dialed. The Graduate College homepage is located at:

Activating your funding......."How to get paid".....

At this point you have returned your offer letter, along with enclosed forms, to the Chair of the Department of Animal & Veterinary Sciences, indicating acceptance of the position, salary and start date.  In addition to the acceptance letter, you hopefully filled out and returned the Data Form and W-4 form needed to start you on the payroll.  When you arrive, see Jane O'Neil (656-0136) to fill out your I-9 form. To do this you will need the following identification: driver's license, social security card, VISA, and/or Passport. (International students may need to work with the International office for assistance in completing some of these forms). Payday is semi-monthly on the 15th and 30th of every month, and your check will be sent to the department mail room 106 Terrill. A convenient and highly recommended option is direct deposit of your paycheck which you can arrange by logging into PeopleSoft,  entering your UVM Netid and password then Click on Human Resources, Self Service, Payroll and Compensation, then Direct Deposit.  Be sure to ask what fees, if any, are covered by your funding, since you will be required to pay any excluded graduate fees and health fees before you are allowed to register.  The University also allows payroll deduction if you can not afford to pay the fees all at once. This has to be set up at Student Financial Services 223 Waterman Building, (802) 656-5700.


The Graduate College hosts a mandatory graduate student orientation and welcoming session each fall.  This is an informal gathering at which new graduate students learn about services available at UVM, meet campus people that may be helpful in your graduate careers, and meet other graduate students.  Bailey Howe Library and Division of Computing and Information Technology also host an orientation meeting each fall for new graduate students.

In addition, the Department of Animal & Veterinary Sciences conducts a mandatory first year graduate student orientation held prior to the beginning of the fall semester.  Orientation will cover an explanation of teaching expectations, professional standards, training in teaching methodology, grading, problem resolution, dealing with students, Affirmative Action issues, etc.

The best suggestion for an International student is not to miss the 5-day orientation offered by the International Office at the beginning of the semester. They give a good orientation of Bailey Howe Library, Student Health Center, and Patrick Gymnasium and the facilities available. The tour of the Bailey Howe library could be helpful, as the library is huge and has many sections providing varieties of services. They provide direction and help in opening bank account and in getting social security numbers. During the orientation, they also introduce the free services provided by Living and Learning (L/L) Center for the scholars for whom English is the second language. There is an International Student Handbook available for more precise information on housing, immigration and employment, obtaining social security number, health insurance, legal services, driver's license, student services, language improvement and general academic support. A copy of the handbook is included in the manual.

UVM Student Health Insurance Plan (UVM SHIP:

UVM Student Health Insurance Plan is available to UVM graduate students enrolled for 5 credit hours or more and is mandatory for graduate students registered for 9 or more credits, see the Center for Health & Wellbeing website. .

Student Health Center:

The Student Health Center is available to students throughout the fall and spring semester and during the summer.  The semester fee should be paid at the beginning of each semester. This fee covers unlimited visits to the Health Center for the summer.  It does not include any additional laboratory fees.  This fee may be paid at any time and can be paid at the time of your first summer visit to the Health Center.  Any questions regarding the Student Health Center or this fee can be answered by calling the Student Health Center at 6-3350.


To obtain a new parking permit go to the Department of Transportation and Parking located in the Ira Allen School at Fletcher Place (off Colchester Ave., across the street from the FAHC parking garage). Their campus phone is 6-8686 and their office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. It is a VERY good idea to get your permit immediately, as the fine for parking illegally is very high ($75-100), and your car will be towed.

Most students choose to live off-campus in the Burlington area.  If you plan to do so, we encourage you to find housing during the summer months, when there are more vacancies.  Classified sections in the following local papers are a good place to start: UVM off campus housing, Burlington Free Press, Seven Days,, and have classified ad listings.

On campus housing is also available.  Jeanne Mance Residence Hall, set apart from undergraduate housing and adjacent to campus, provides housing primarily for graduate and non-traditional students.  The hall contains five floors of mostly single and some double rooms, some of which are available on a short-term basis to students and visiting scholars. The first floor includes a large student lounge, along with study and computer areas.  A kitchen with cabinets for each room, and a laundry center are located on each floor.  An optional meal plan is available.  Rental rates may vary slightly, but range around $420/month for single occupancy.  The summer rate is slightly lower. Jeanne Mance is a popular housing option, and rooms are on a first come, first-served basis.  

A limited number of university-sponsored off-campus housing apartments are available for full-time students at the University owned Ethan Allen Housing facility.  Located in Winooski, the apartments are on a bus route, five miles from the main campus.  Detailed rental information may be obtained from the Manager of Ethan Allen Housing, Ethan Allen Building 1007, Winooski, VT 05405, telephone 802-654-1735.  Interested students are encouraged to apply early for these apartments.  As of 7/01/09 rental rates vary from $755/ month for a one bedroom to $835-1,025 for a two-bedroom apartment.


Advising is a crucial element of graduate program planning, and it is important that you consult your faculty advisor to outline your course of study prior to registering for courses. Thus, registration can be done at any time, once you have chosen your courses, in consultation with your faculty advisor.

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