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Julie Smith, DVM, PhD

Dr. Julie SmithJulie Smith, DVM, PhD

Extension Associate Professor

305B Terrill Building
570 Main Street
Burlington, VT 05405
802-656-4496 (office)
802-656-8196 (fax)

Dr. Julie received her B.S., D.V.M., and Ph.D. degrees from Cornell University. Originally from the NYC suburbs, she headed off to the ag school at Cornell and never looked back. She is married to a Vermont dairyman and has a tractor-loving son.

Dr. Julie's main responsibilities are outreach programs and activities of importance to the dairy industry. Her educational programs emphasize improving and protecting animal health, whether of young calves or of herds susceptible to contagious diseases. She serves as Vermont's Designated Johne's Coordinator overseeing the Johne's disease certification level program. In addition, she has served many years on the Board of the Vermont Dairy Industry Association. She also serves as Vermont's point-of-contact of the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN).

Dr. Julie is teaching ASCI 122, Animals in Society/Animal Welfare, for the first time in Fall 2014, and again in Spring 2015. She taught ASCI 001, Introduction to Animal Science, in the JumpStart session in Summer 2014.

Her previous research efforts studied the interactions among nutrition, growth, and immune system development in young dairy calves and explored the risk of highly contagious disease spread among Vermont dairy farms.

Websites maintained by Dr. Julie:

Healthy Farms -- Healthy Agriculture

Dr. Julie Smith's Dairy Blog

Selected publications and technical reports

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Selected presentations

Smith, J. Dollars and Sense of Calf Raising: Leveraging Opportunities. New England Cooperative Extension event coordinated by U Mass Amherst Cooperative Extension, Cost Reducing Strategies for Dairy and Livestock Operations, March 18, 2014. S. Deerfield, MA.

Smith, J., Waters, K. Communication Before, During and After Disaster: How Key Message Development and Audience Identification Strengthen Extension Capabilities. Extension Disaster Education Network Annual Meeting, October 10, 2013., Madison, WI.

Smith, J. Vermont Dairy Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities. Vermont Dairy Industry Association Conference, September 19, 2012, Burlington, VT.

Smith, J. Milk Truck Cleaning and Disinfection Drill. New England States Animal Agricultural Security Alliance. May 7, 2012, White River Junction, VT.

Smith, J. Vermont Dairy Farm Biosecurity: 2010 Survey. New England States Animal Agricultural Security Alliance. May 7, 2012, White River Junction, VT.

Smith, J. Agricultural Emergency Preparedness. Vermont Emergency Preparedness Conference. November 5, 2011, Stowe, VT.

Smith, J., K. Waters, T. Naile, S. Degenhart, and F. Peppers. Building extension capacity to support effective risk and crisis communications with agricultural stakeholders. Extension Disaster Education Network Annual Meeting, October 13, 2011, Portland, OR.

Smith, J. Developing a New England Regional Agricultural Communications System. New England States Animal Agricultural Security Alliance. September 13, 2011, via FoodShield webinar.

Smith, J. Risky Networks and Network Solutions. Advisory meeting of AFRI project. June 10, 2011, Middlebury, VT.

Smith, J. Risk Communication. Advisory meeting of AFRI project. December 10, 2010, Middlebury, VT.

Biosecurity video order information

Healthy Farms Healthy Agriculture
National Association of County Agricultural Agents 2005
National Winner, Video Communications Competition

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