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Both MS and PhD degrees are offered through the Department of Animal & Veterinary Sciences. Currently all graduate programs involve a combination of courses and graduate research for a thesis. Areas of study broadly correspond to the specializations and research interests of the faculty. The following is a sample of graduate research currently being conducted by our graduate students:

Melissa BainbridgeMelissa Bainbridge is originally from Burlington, Massachusetts. She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2011 with a B.S. in Animal Science. She then spent the next two years working as a field technician for the Vermont Dairy Herd Improvement Association. Melissa will be working on her Ph.D. in Animal, Nutrition and Food Sciences with Dr. Jana Kraft. Her research will focus on improving the nutritional attributes of milk, concentrating on bioactive fatty acids, to promote both human and animal health. Melissa also enjoys hiking, cooking and running.  Email:

Aimee BenjaminAimee Benjamin, originally from the small town of Bernhards Bay, NY, received her B.S. degree from Cornell University in 2005. Following graduation she worked at the Cornell Dairy Facility where she became an integral part of the herd health team. Aimee will be working in Dr. David Kerr's lab towards a Ph.D. in Dairy Science. Her research interests are E. coli mastitis and the immune system response following infection.  Email:

Mac CampbellMackenzie "Mac" Campbell, originally from Reisterstown, Maryland, received his B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2012. Following graduation, he worked at both the Maryland University Dairy and a livestock biomedical research facility before coming to graduate school. He will be working towards his  Ph.D. under the direction of Dr. Rick Grant at the William H Miner Institute in Chazy, New York, as well as taking classes at UVM. His research will focus on the effects of overstocking and nutritional practices on dairy cattle behavior, stress, production, and rumen health. Email:

Bonnie CantrellBonnie Cantrell is originally from Caldwell, Idaho. She graduated from Washington State University in 2014 with a B.S. in Animal Science. During her time there, she worked for the Animal Science Department in a bovine genetics laboratory. She worked on projects in the laboratory to help decrease disease susceptibility of Johne's disease and Bovine Respiratory Disease in bovine. Bonnie will be working on her Ph.D. in Animal, Nutrition and Food Sciences with Dr. Stephanie McKay. Her research will focus on finding methylation in multiple regions of the bovine brain that correlate with docility. Bonnie also enjoys crafting in her spare time.  Email:

Laura CersosimoLaura Cersosimo grew up in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. In 2011 she received her Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science from the University of Connecticut where she was a member of the Dairy Club and taught first-year Animal Science students how to show dairy cows. During the summers of 2010 and 2011 she interned at Pfizer's Comparative Medicine Department. She attended Northeastern University in Boston for a year and then transferred into the ANFS Ph.D. program at UVM. Laura's research focuses on looking at methanogen populations within five breeds of dairy cattle along with other ruminants. One of her favorite interests outside of school is baking, especially cake decorating. Email:

Korin EckstromKorin Eckstrom is from Tioga Center, New York. She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2015 with a B.S. in Animal Science. During her undergraduate career, she worked in Dr. Barlow's Lab where she will continue with her graduate studies working towards a M.S. in Animal Nutrition, and Food Science. Her work so far has focused on next generation sequencing technologies for the bovine MHC Class I molecule and she will continue to expand this project, as well as work on other related projects in the lab. Outside of school she loves baking, hiking, and attempting to stay upright while skiing. Email: Korin

Stefano FrattiniStefano Frattini is originally from Varese, Italy. He graduated from the University of Milan in 2013 as a Green Biotechnologist. During his time there, he worked for a year at the Department of Animal Science in an animal genetics laboratory, supervised by Professor Paola Crepaldi, dealing with goat casein genotypings. In 2014 he started his Ph.D. course work in Veterinary and Animal Sciences at the University of Milan working on a project entitled, “Epigenetic investigation on cyclic onset of reproduction activity in dairy goats.” Nowadays he is collaborating with Dr. Stephanie McKay for his Ph.D. project, which mainly focuses on DNA methylation in the hypothalamus of goat species associated with puberty and seasonality. Stefano also enjoys team sports, actually more to watch than to practice, considering his age. In this pic he is the one on the right side. Email:

Nicole JaskiewiczNicole Jaskiewicz grew up in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and graduated from Colby-Sawyer College in May of 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. She had always planned on attending veterinary school, but when her mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, Nicole realized her passion for biomedical research. In August of 2012 she enrolled in the University of New Hampshire's Biochemistry Ph.D. program under the mentorship of Dr. David H. Townson. When Dr. Townson became the UVM Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department Chair in January of 2016, Nicole and her family jumped at the opportunity to make a fresh start in Vermont. Nicole's research focus is, the role of Glycobiology, specifically O-GlcNAcylation, in cancer disease progression. Her mother is now cancer free and is her greatest cheer leader! Outside of the lab Nicole enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and their new daughter, Fiona. As a family they enjoy gardening, working on their new home, and hiking with their dog, Newton. Email:

Filiz KorkmazFiliz Korkmaz is originally from Wrentham, Massachusetts.  She studied at the University of Massachusetts where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. She joined the Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical Sciences PhD program in August 2012 and is working on her dissertation research in the laboratory of Dr. David Kerr. Her research is focused on the innate immune response to bovine mastitis and, in particular, how the immune response may be regulated epigenetically. Outside the lab, she enjoys running, skiing, cooking and traveling.  Email:

Robert MugabiRobert Mugabi was born and raised in the small district of Lyantonde in Uganda where he received his primary and high school education, Later Robert joined Makerere University in Uganda where he received his Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree. He completed a Master of Science degree in Infectious Disease Management and Biosecurity from North Dakota State University and has joined UVM to pursue his Ph.D. He will be working in Dr. John Barlow's lab focusing his research on Staphylococcus aureus molecular epidemiology and biofilm formation of different isolates in cattle farms. Email:

Salvador Ordaz on a tractor.Salvador Ordaz is from La Laguna located in northern Mexico where two states merge, Durando and Coahuila. This area is well known as Mexico’s largest milk production region. Salvador received his Bachelor’s degree majoring in Veterinary Sciences then interned at Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s “Silage Center of Excellence” at Miner Institute in Chazy, New York where he participated in several research projects linked to silage quality and microbiology. He returned to La Laguna and worked at Beta Santa Monica, one of Mexico’s biggest dairy farms, where he supervised the feeding area and oversaw intern research projects related to heat stress, cow comfort, and a trial feeding sugar beet silage to cows. Salvador will be working towards his Master’s Degree doing research at Miner Institute. He loves the microbiology related to silage, the forage topics and how it affects rumen milk production. He is interested in learning more abut animal nutrition, and forage quality and preservation. Salvador enjoys photography, listening to good music, and drinking coffee. Email:

Ricky Scuderi and his dog SpotRichard "Ricky" Scuderi was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, spending most of his time in Northern Idaho. Prior to starting his college education, Ricky volunteered and worked as a veterinary assistant at a local practice. He now has 11 years' of experience in the industry. Ricky graduated in May 2015 from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor's Degree in Animal and Veterinary Science and with minors in Business and Marketing. He has conducted research in lipid metabolism in dairy cattle and assisted with forage research. In June 2015 he started working on his Master's Degree in Animal Science with Dr. Sabrina Greenwood. His focus will be on nutrition and health, specifically looking at how dietary manipulations can alter milk proteins which play important roles in human and animal health. In his spare time, Ricky enjoys being in good company, traveling, photography, skiing, and being outdoors with his dog Spot.  Email:

Rink TacomaRink Tacoma is originally from the Netherlands and immigrated with her family at the age of two to New Zealand where in 2012 she completed her BSc in Animal Science at Lincoln University. Rink also worked at Penn State as a research technician before starting her Ph.D. program at UVM. She is currently working on her Ph.D. with Dr. Sabrina Greenwood in dairy nutrition, specifically looking at diet and milk protein interactions. She enjoys being in the outdoors with good company.  Email:

Allison UngerAllison Leigh Unger was born and raised in the Providence, Rhode Island area. She graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2015 with a B.S. in Animal Science. During her time there, she worked in a laboratory that sought to find sustainable alternatives to chemical anthelmintics in sheep and goats. She came to visit Vermont for the first time last summer and fell in love with the area. Her interest in the connection between agriculture and human nutrition led her to Dr. Jana Kraft's lab. As part of Allison's Ph.D. in Animal, Nutrition, and Food Sciences, she will be a project coordinator at the Clinical Research Center for a study that is looking at the effects of bioactive fats in milk on metabolic health markers, as well as utilizing mice models. She enjoys hiking, baking, coffee, trying new restaurants, and going to the theatre. Her favorite farm animal is a sheep.  Email:

Melissa WoolpertMelissa Woolpert grew up in Carmel Valley, California and graduated from the University of Vermont with a double major in Animal Science and Microbiology. After working as the herdsperson on a dairy farm, Melissa returned to UVM for graduate school in 2014. Melissa is earning her Master of Science degree in the multidisciplinary Food Systems program through the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences with assistantship support from the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute. After graduate school, Melissa hopes to work to improve the general publics's understanding and support of modern agricultural practices. Email:
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