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early_acceptance Tufts University UVM/Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine Program

Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine offers undergraduates at UVM an opportunity to apply for admission in the spring of their sophomore year. A limited number of students are admitted; they are guaranteed a space in the veterinary school class once they graduate if they have maintained the required grade-point average upon graduation.

Participants in this program are offered the assurance of veterinary school admission without the substantial investments of time and energy that other pre-veterinary students typically make in the process of preparing, researching, and applying to numerous veterinary schools, and preparing for optimal scores on the GRE.  Program participants can select any undergraduate major, explore other areas of interest during their junior and senior years, and choose to study abroad, thus broadening their undergraduate experience.

To be eligible to apply, candidates for this program must be sophomores and must have demonstrated academic proficiency in their course work, particularly in the pre-veterinary science courses.

It is expected that competitive applicants will have:
  • Completed at least two science sequences (most typically the year of introductory chemistry and the year of introductory biology) by the spring semester of their sophomore year.
  • Completed prerequisite courses at their undergraduate institution or another universities by special permission of the veterinary school's admissions office.
  • Achieved a highly competitive cumulative grade-point average.
AP credit is acceptable as long as it appears on the student's transcript. The GRE is not required for applicants to his join program; the applicant's SAT scores will be considered during the admission process. Fore more details on the application process and program requirements, go to: Pre-veterinary Information for Prospective Students.
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